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    1x08 The Equation

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    Carly Simon


  5. Words/phrases on dating sites and my immediate interpretations

    1. Chill: boring, uncreative
    2. Normal: I'm insecure about my sexuality and probably direct that at feminine men.
    3. Drama free/No drama: I definitely direct my insecurity at feminine men.
    4. Southern gentleman/Southern hospitality: I don't date non-white men. I'm ready with a plethora of racial stereotypes.
    5. Masc/Masculine: I'm fucking terrified of my sexuality. I will throw all other LGBTQ folks under the bus.
    6. Queer: There's hope. Inquire further.
    7. Any emphatic or humorous references to life: I'm trying to seem happy.
    8. I really enjoy cooking: Marry me.
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    Peggy Lipton, 1970s

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    Clémentine Desseaux by Viveca Ljung 

    we <3 Clementine

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    Forest of Illusions by Andy Kehoe

    oil, acrylic, resin in wood box 16″ x 20″

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    Giant Schnauzer.

  11. Tara Lynn

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